Master Of None

…is easily one of my favourite shows to surface this year. Yesterday AZIZ ANSARI made history, as the first Indian-American actor to land a lead comedy-acting Emmy nomination for his role of ‘Dev Shah’ in the Netflix series! If you haven’t already seen it, check out the trailer below. It’s definitely worth carving out some time on a Sunday to binge watch all the episodes.


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Soho Farmhouse

Seeking some sanctuary
Cotswolds countryside vibes

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Arm > selfie stick

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April 15, 2016 · 2:54 AM

‘Love You, Be You’

Viola ♥

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Scouts Shouts #41

Album of the week



The album’s opening track “WERLD IS MINE” immediately introduces the listener to the sonic energy of the record. The light piano, smooth vocals and fusion of genres is present throughout the album. His debut is engaging and beautifully British. Raleigh Ritchie opens up about his inner thoughts on love and heartbreak, adulthood and ambition.

I wanna live forever…

I played the album whilst strolling around a museum in Paris for over an hour and found it to be the perfect score to the art pieces adorning the walls. I highly recommend that y’all give it a listen!

Film of the week


is my favourite film of the year so far. Disney have done it again. From the concept and message of the story to the actual animation, the script and the score, everything is on point. The tag team of Ginnifer Goodwin as JUDY HOPPS and Jason Bateman as NICK WILDE (pictured above) is all sorts of awesome and they create a dynamic duo, who lead the likes of Idris Elba as CHIEF BOGO, Jenny Slate as ASSISTANT  MAYOR BELLWETHER and Nate Torrance as BENJAMIN CLAWHAUSER in this inventive, exciting tale of inclusion. It’s adventurous, colourful and full of laughs.

Song of the week

Shoot of the week

It’s a bit of a throwback, but I never featured it on WIS.



Tush Magazine

Photographed by Steven Gomillion and Dennis Leupold
Styled by Nadia Rath



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Song of the day

I love Lana.

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