Scouts Shouts #33

Album of the week

NELLY FURTADO is back with her fifth studio album and this time she has paired up with Darkchild to create a sick record.


From the dope, commercial PARKING LOT that boasts a banging beat and catchy hook to the old-school vibe of BUCKET LIST, which has classic Furtado written all over it, whilst stilll sounding fresh, the album is great. The lovely little ‘studio outtakes’ that were hidden in between tracks and tagged onto the end of songs on LOOSE, still remain. THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING is seductive and pulsating with a tribal tone and I love the high synth/melody line that serves as the backbone to WAITING FOR THE NIGHT. However, CIRCLES is the jam. The synth is killer. When I first heard it in my headphones, I lost my mind. The beat is faaacking outrageous. I’m staring out my hotel window right now listening to it. It’s just gone 3am and I’m looking out across LA. This song is giving me everything. I’m going to keep this short and sweet, so I shall end with this:

Nelly Furtado + one of my favourite producers ever = The Spirit Indestructible. Check it out!

Song of the week

LEONA LEWIS is an exceptional vocalist. People can sing, but this girl can siiiing. I love how she emotes so much.

She is actually flawless.


Image of the week

Film of the week

PULP FICTION is without a doubt one of my favourite films. Ever. Tarantino is an absolute genius and for some reason the film’s been on my mind a lot lately so I feel like it needs to be this week’s FOTW. If you haven’t seen it, there’s one thing I’m going to need you to do. WATCH IT. If you have seen it, watch it again. Ha. I know people moan and say that it’s so predictable to love it, but I don’t care. If something’s good, why shouldn’t it be recognised? Celebrated. Appreciated. The longer I’ve spent out Stateside, the more I’m learning that it’s okay to do exactly that. If you know when something is good, it’s perfectly acceptable to acknowledge the goodness. Or even sometimes the greatness. I feel like too often in England, people are quick to see the negative. It’s too easy to see the glass as half empty. Maybe it’s just the sun, but there’s a lot more positivity this side of the Atlantic and I’m loving it…


Shoot of the week

I love the styling of this shoot by David Bradshaw for Vogue Hommes International F/W 12.13

Photographed by Chad Pitman

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