Summertime sadness

Over the past few days I’ve seen a lot of statuses and tweets about summer being over. Apparently winter’s on its way (back in London especially) and I’ve even seen people counting down to Christmas. Yip, you read that right – stop wishing away time man! Sometimes it’s important to just enjoy the present. Whether you’re mourning the passing of Summer 2012, reliving the memories made by clicking through countless photos of drunken July nights and August afternoons or simply gearing up for these next few autumnal months, let’s all do it listening to and watching the lovely sounds and visuals of Lana Del Rey’s SUMMERTIME SADNESS. The video is directed by Spencer Susser & Kyle Newman and stars Jaime King alongside Del Rey.



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2 responses to “Summertime sadness

  1. Summer is going to start in a few months for me, what is christmas like with snow? This is something I will probably never know.

    • When it snows properly in London it’s beautiful (for a day or so) when it covers the city in a white blanket…but then it causes lots of problems with the transport etc…

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