Scouts Shouts #32

Video of the week

PYRAMIDS by Frank Ocean immediately caught my attention when I first listened to his album, “channel ORANGE”, back in August. I keep bumping it because it’s outrageous! I love it. Hence you can imagine my double dose of excitement when I not only watched him perform it live on SNL, but then woke up on Sunday morning to see that he had dropped the video for it! Get into the 8 minute treat below…the end is especially beautiful (and it most certainly deserves to be the ‘video of the week’).


Shoot of the week

Marion Cotillard 

Dior Magazine
No.1 Fall / Winter 12.13

Photographed by Jean-Baptiste Modino

I heart Marion.

Song of the week

Kid Ink’s DRIPPIN’ is a JAM. It’s all over the radio here in LA, and the beat is banging. Get into it below…


Crush of the week

If I’m honest, Candice Swanepoel is my crush. Period. BUT there’s no reason why I can’t make her this week’s crush too, eh?


Elle Brasil
September 2012

Image of the week

I’ve tried some GOOD burgers while I’ve been out here, so I thought this photo was rather apt this week.

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