Lincoln Heights Nights

The last few days have been f@$%£!* awesome.

I feel like I’m comfortable. At home here. It’s beautiful. I stared over the city from the Griffith Observatory, gazed at the grid and admired the juxtaposition of the gritty city against the natural splendour of Los Angeles’ rolling hills and rugged, rocky earth.

On Monday night I stumbled across an incredible little venue. It goes by the name of The Hotel Cafe. On Mondays it houses one of the coolest, funkiest and most soulful bands I’ve ever seen and/or heard in my life, Jason Joseph & The Spectacular. They were so ridiculously good that I flipped out of my body and danced my socks off. Then last night I hit up The Airliner, in Lincoln Heights, for Wednesday night’s Low End Theory. The Gaslamp Killer took to the stage and smashed out a set (after hopping off a flight from London to LA – now that’s dedication!). It was such a JAM, beyond belief. I know I keep saying it, but damn this city is inspiring.


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