LA: Day 1

Yesterday I touched down in LA and immediately felt like I was home. After a mad summer of unexpected encounters, ‘Hairspray-ing’ in the hills of Aberystwyth, impromptu trips to London and some magical moments (including the biggest and brightest shooting star I’ve ever seen in my life), I found myself needing an escape and my oh my is LA my salvation.

Flying out Premium Economy on Virgin was the perfect start. It really is the way forward. The staff are so attentive, you are greeted with sparkling wine and juices when you first enter the plane and throughout the duration of the flight you are offered a constant flow of beverages and snacks, including ‘High Tea’. The extra legroom is greatly appreciated by my 6’2 frame and the general ambience is so much more chilled. When I got to LAX, it finally hit me. I’m 21 in the US of A. This ish is cra’y. It’s officially time to let loose!

Hello Hollywood & Vine

The apartment we’re staying at is insane. It’s in an awesome loft complex with a killer view from the roof top, that overlooks the W and Hollywood Boulevard. Already on the first day, I’ve been welcomed by everyone I’ve come across with friendly ‘how you doing?’s’ and genuine smiles. Although I was feeling pretty exhausted after the 10.5 hour flight, it was absolutely necessary that I celebrated Vogue Fashion’s Night Out and ended up attending not one,  but two events. The first was the ROOS-Shane&Shawn event marking their LA launch.

It was hosted by the beautiful Adrienne Bailon.

Full of freebies, drinks on tap and cool kids. It sort of felt like East LDN meets Berlin meets the sun and well, even more fun. After partying to some good ol’ hip hop we headed on over to KILL CITY’s FNO party on Melrose, which was rocking, literally. With speakers mounted outside the front of the shop, all over the interior and out back, the music was kicking, their collection was sickly slick and the vibe was west-coast-cool. Not to mention, when we were served with drinks, the guy behind the bar filled two of those American red cups to the top with Wild Turkey (Whiskey). Straight.

All in all a great first day.

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