Scouts Shouts #30

Album of the week

Usher’s seventh studio album, LOOKING 4 MYSELF, is easily this week’s album of the week. Not only is the production amazing, but I just found myself really vibing and getting into it and I feel like I haven’t enjoyed an album as much as his/this, in a while. SHOW ME has a killer beat and manages to feel very current, whilst still simultaneously sounding like old-school Usher. It has Danja written all over it, who happens to be one of my favourite producers, ever! It is hands down one of the album’s standout tracks.

…And I don’t know if you understand how good it feels to hear some Pharrell production on TWISTED. The strumming beat and bassy kick is classic Neptunes. If that wasn’t enough, Pharrell also serves up HOT THING which features A$AP ROCKY and my oh my, this goes hard! [Usher, you best release this jam because this needs to be bumped in the club and it needs a dope video too]. Usher’s falsetto soars on CLIMAX and LEMME SEE while he lets his lower register get ‘down and dirty’ on I.F.U.

DIVE illustrates where R&B/Pop should be and needs to be, (not this attempt to water down actual dance-trance-house that has been attempted by everyone for the last couple of years). The album could actually do without the more dance-oriented tracks as then it would stand as a much more cohesive offering. In my opinion the best songs on the record are the R&B, more soulful tracks (bar EUPHORIA, which is undoubtedly a little bit of a jam – haha). The Diplo/Rechtshaid produced 2ND ROUND falls from the same tree as CLIMAX (which makes sense as that too was produced by Diplo) and I feel that it should actually be on the main album, rather than the deluxe edition. Around the 2.30 mark it gets siiiick. LESSONS FOR THE LOVER has a seductive hook, reminiscent of Usher circa Confessions. Ultimately, this album is full of absolute bangers! Hats off Usher (and co) because y’all delivered.

Film of the week


Written, directed and starring Lena Dunham

Model of the week

Leebo Freeman

Photographed by Sebastián Troncoso

Crush of the week

SESSILEE LOPEZ is a stunner.

Photographed by Gail Hadani

She looks unreal in the short below, which is directed by Alice Rausch, with art direction by Domonick Hannosh and styling from Arnold Milfort. It also stars Rob Evans.

(Instagram) Images of the week

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