The Bolts


THE BOLTS = a classic yet contemporary quintet, consisting of bassist Addam Farmer; guitarist Heath Farmer; keyboardist Austin Farmer; guitarist Ryan Kilpatrick and drummer Matt Champagne. Oh and by the way, they’re all vocalists (minus Matt) and with influences including The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Queen and The Clash, I knew just from reading about these guys that they would be serving up some serious sounds.


Their EP “Fall” (set for release in September) opens with “Walk Away”, which is instantly anthemic with its pulsating guitar melody and vocals, reminiscent of Michael Jackson on “Come Together”. The boys showcase their strong four part harmonies, ooh-ing and aah-ing over the top of Champagne’s smashing snares and cool kicks. This is rock/pop at its finest, with a catchy hook and a large sound. As I type and listen, I suddenly realise that I’ve been bashing and bopping my head to the beat for the past 3 minutes…


Some of you may recognise “Walk Away” as being featured in the famed Sobe commercial starring Kate Upton.


all you know it drives me crazy, I think about it almost daily,
all the lies they do not phase me…

Next up is “The Truth”, which offers a beautiful bridge, further showcasing the strength of the band’s vocals, before bursting back into a chorus that I can hear people singing for years to come. ‘Cos I want to be the end of an era, I want to be the start of something new…’. The Bolts first experienced local success in 2007 when the band landed five demo songs on the local rock station KROQ and since then they’ve gone on to play numerous residencies and gigs in and outside of their native Orange County. You can currently catch them performing a residency at Disneyland’s Tomorrowland Terrace (a residency once held by No Doubt).

Upcoming show dates:
Disneyland Residency

June 16, 30
July 3, 9, 12, 16, 28
September 22
November 2
December 7

The third track on the EP entitled “This Can’t Be Real” is harder and more rockier than the first two songs, demonstrating the band’s darker side. And finally “We May Fall” closes the EP rather epicly. It starts off with a fuzzy, bassy synth and ends in a glorious fashion, that sounds like an homage to Franz Ferdinand’s “Take Me Out”. Overall, what really stands out for me is that The Bolts boast stellar vocals and really REALLY cool + catchy melodies. I love how they sound! As I mentioned earlier, September sees the release of their “Fall” EP, which will be followed by a second seasonal EP “Winter” and then their official full-length release in Spring 2013. Get ready for these guys to take over! For now though, get into their sound over on their official site HERE and like them on FACEBOOK.

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  1. This is Jeffrey Sunny Baek i am closest family relationship friends with The Bolts and they are planning to put in my name again for special thanks on their new 3rd debut album THIS CAN’t BE REAL in 2013 hopefully and i am planning to go to Disneyland maybe this July 28 2012 with my cousin to see also concert The Bolts and support them and film them and hopefully their new CD release show party tour would be at LIVE in the Woodbridge High School Performing Arts Theatre at Woodbridge High School, Irvine, CA, US in 2013 and hopefully start tour on campus first of their EP fall 2011 concert in lunch area at WHS in September 21st 2012 friday i hope also.
    So I will always support The Bolts forever and they respond this message and suggestion would agree to perform also.
    Jeffrey Baek

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