Opus Label Two

If you don’t know about OPUS LABEL, get to know. Opus Label is a Los Angeles based boutique record and fashion company that includes innovative up and coming artists from all around the world. I featured their first compilation album HERE and now the label is dropping their second release on July 10th. So naturally, Who is Scout? have you covered, check out my thoughts and be sure to grab yourself a copy when it’s released…

TEAM GHOST – LONELY, LONELY, LONELY opens the record and it really does just that. It’s such a wonderful opening, preparing the ears for a sonic journey. It sounds like something out of TRON. It is filmic. Inspiring. Magical. Close your eyes and listen.

[youtube http://youtu.be/1xfj5FIt1fs]

THE TAPEATERS – ECHO is next up and it immediately makes me think of a beat that Robyn could eat up. The Russian electro pop duo serve up a vintage vibe which sets a seasonal tone to this compilation. Summery synths and a starry night’s sky. “Echo” is airy, light and lovely. KRISTY LEE & MIKE ROSS – SPACE IN BETWEEN serves up the best bassline whilst AUTOSTRADA – AV just proves that everything sounds better in French! It’s almost orgasmic. One of my favourite tracks has to be CHATEAUBRIAND – THE SUNSET (FEAT. DESTRONICS) (JEAN TONIQUE REMIX) which is electro-pop perfection.

GYPSY & THE CAT – JONA VARK fuse acoustic guitar with reverb-esque vocals to create a song that sounds like it needs to score an arthouse-love-romantic-perhaps-Joseph-Gordon-Levitt-film. The Australian duo have already received a positive response to this track in Europe and even supported Kylie Minogue on the Australian leg of her tour last year, so expect these two to continue to go from strength to strength. METRONOMY – THE LOOK makes me wish it was a sunny day, but instead the clouds are grey so I am closing my eyes and imagining that I am on a beach somewhere as this song fades out into soft synths and strings. With a final track in the form of YOUNG EMPIRES – THE EARTH PLATES ARE SHIFTING, the compilation comes to a close in a rather wonderful fashion. Young Empires have that all-encompassing, all-consuming sound that the likes of Yeasayer also employ. “The Earth Plates Are Shifting” boasts choral elements, punctuated strings and a skipping beat.

[youtube http://youtu.be/ah7DBMZpsy8]

Quite frankly, the OPUS dudes have done it again. This is a solid compilation that will, along with the first one, provide a great soundtrack to my (and hopefully your) summer!

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