So seeing as Summer has hit the capital, I think it’s necessary that we all soak up the rays before they return back to their hiding place behind the clouds and the grey that we’ve come to know all to well. To best do this, it’s pretty much essential that everyone gets to jam, hang, eat, chill…on a rooftop/terrace in London. Here are two of my favourites (where you do not need to be a member/part of some secret club/in the know):


If you’re a shop-a-holic and you fancy a trip down to Knightsbridge, then the Harvey Nichols roof terrace is the perfect spot for you. After a long day of trying on clothes, piling up the price tags and no doubt adding to your already well-stocked wardrobe, you need look no further than the fifth floor terrace. It’s conveniently located at the top of the department store which boasts eight floors of fashion, beauty & lifestyle. Many forget that Harvey Nics also serves up a splendid array of dishes and drinks on the fifth floor. There’s a restaurant, cafe and terrace. Chill outside underneath the parasols or appreciate the sun beaming down on your face. The in-house burger is a beaut…in line with the Queen’s Jubilee and their celebration of a truly British Summer, the Fifth Floor Café is offering their (abovementioned) beaut British burger and beer or cider of your choice for £15. The offer is available until Friday 31 August, Monday to Saturday from 6pm to 10.30pm. They also do a delightful afternoon tea for those who prefer something sweet.


If West isn’t for you then another great spot is located on top of Curtain Road’s Queen of Hoxton. Expect it to be very busy full of barbecue-lovers, cool kids and generally fly folk. It’s a lovely spot and I’ve spent many an hour here (cramped in a corner) with a cider in my hand, absorbing the atmosphere. One of the best things about QOH is that they have a rooftop cinema club which offers up a selection of evening screenings. Although most films, that are showing in the next few weeks, are sold-out, be sure to check out their site to see if you can get your hands on any tickets – June will see them screen classics such as ‘Ghostbusters’ and ‘The Goonies’ as well as more recent films such as ‘The Fighter’ and ‘Shame’.

So what are you waiting for?
Get involved and enjoy the sun while it’s shining!

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