Scoutabouts: Six60’s London Debut

Last night I went along to the HMV Forum to check out Six60’s first London gig. I was there to witness, well, history in the making. For those of you who don’t know who Six60 are, you will soon enough! I only recently discovered the wonders of the New Zealand based band, but my timing could not have been more appropriate, as it meant that I was able to see them live in Londontown. And they were electric!

The lead vocalist, Matiu Walters, is a true pro, oozing showmanship, wooing the girls with his flawless vocals and getting the lads to sing along with an enthusiasm I haven’t seen, or rather heard, at a gig in London for a while. When he wasn’t giving his all, jumping around the stage, he was soothing everyone’s ears with his smooth, silky but raw riffs. Think John Mayer meets a less annoying Adam Levine (with a little Ryan Tedder) and that’s sort of how he sounds. Sorta.

The lead guitarist, Ji Fraser, is crazy good. Fingers fretting the funky rock. He shines on the more stripped numbers when the guitar line soars above the sounds of the band. The man behind the machines and keys, Marlon Gerbes, is so beautifully versatile and the drummer, Eli Paewai is a class act. BUT if you know me then you know I love me some bass and the bassist, Chris Mac, was insane. Rocking with his whole body while providing the groove of the set, his energy never faltered.

As a band they are extremely solid. It is so evidently clear that they love what they do. They love this. Love it. The set opened with “Rise Up 2.0” and then they flew through their impressive discography, which included “Get”, “Only To Be”, “Take It From Here” and “In The Clear”. “Lost” was easily a highlight. It is such a gorgeous track and is by far one of my favourite songs of the band so hearing it live was such a treat. When the band played “Forever” near the end of their set, the crowd went wild. I lost my mind. I had a grand time. “Don’t Forget Your Roots” however, probably best epitomises the spirit of last night. EVERYONE was singing along. EVERYONE was happy. It was a wonderful moment. A true celebration of their first London gig. The first of many, that I am sure. For a debut it doesn’t get much better.

As Matiu sings, ‘ain’t it good to be alive’.
Well it sure is when music is this good.

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