Robin Thicke is a G…entleman

The American gentleman.

Robin Thicke’s

latest album LOVE AFTER WAR, is well, simply put, rather wonderful. I’ve been meaning to write my thoughts on his fifth studio album for a few weeks, but this year has already been terribly hectic. Cue a back log of posts…meh! Such is life. I can’t complain. I love being busy and it’s been even better because I have been able to listen to Thicke whilst rushing around here, there and everywhere.

1. An Angel On Each Arm
2. I’m An Animal
3. Never Give Up
4. The New Generation
5. Love After War
6. All Tied Up
7. Pretty Lil’ Heart (feat. Lil Wayne)
8. Mission
9. Tears On My Tuxedo
10. Boring
11. Lovely Lady
12. Dangerous
13. Full Time Believer
14. I Don’t Know How It Feels To Be U
15. Cloud 9
16. The Lil’ Things
17. What Would I Be?


He’s back! The smooth crooner. He’s so slick and soulful. From the funky ‘I’m An Animal’ to the mellow ‘Cloud 9’, he constantly proves that he can and will put out/create quality music. He’s also one of the sickest male artists out there as of right now. I love his flow on ‘Pretty Lil’ Heart’ and I immediately warmed to ‘Tears On My Tuxedo’ maybe because I have very recently written a track called ‘Tuxedo’. (It’s such a great word and should be used more! Yes I know tuxedos aren’t exactly worn everyday, but still… *note to self* I must rock one more frequently!). Anyway, ‘Lovely Lady’ is well, lovely and latin-inspired. Overall the album is extremely laid back but Thicke has always had that effortless cool, so that’s to be expected. He uses a lot more of his full voice on this record, which serves up a change and although the album would be more digestible if it was a little shorter, I’ve found my jams on it and they will be continuously played for the coming weeks!

I’d love to see this album performed live. Preferably in some random jazz bar or speakeasy or something something…ha!

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