Scouts Shouts #20

Today = the twentieth issue of SCOUTS SHOUTS, where I blog about my favourite song of the week, my album of the week, film of the week…you get the idea. Be sure to check back every Thursday to see what’s hot that week. I’m going to start this week, with two of the most beautiful, versatile models in the world…

Female model (and crush) of the week

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Vogue Germany
November 2011

Photographed by Alexi Lubomirski

Male model of the week

Jon Kortajarena

El País Semanal

Film of the week

CRAZY, STUPID, LOVE stars Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, Julianne Moore & Emma Stone and it is a hilarious, well-written comedy. Analeigh Tipton (ANTM) makes her big screen debut as the obsessed babysitter and Mekia Cox (This Is It) also puts in a performance as Tiffany, a hairdresser/hairstylist. Marisa Tomei’s Kate Tafferty is one of the more colourful characters and she provides a lot of laughter throughout the film. Definitely worth a watch if you want to actually watch a rom-com that’s both romantic and comical (for once!).

Song of the week

It has to be Coldplay ft. Rihanna – Princess of China


Video of the week

Directed by Melina Matsoukas, the video for WE FOUND LOVE by Rihanna, may just be her best visual offering yet. I love that what you see; a love that is both good and bad. Ugly. In turmoil. Consuming…is the complete opposite to what you hear; which is the dance-pop, upbeat song. This causes a beautiful and at times dark mood = there’s a perfect juxtaposition between the video and the Calvin Harris produced song. Check out the video below…

Image of the week

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