Busaba is the best

I have been to just about every Busaba Eathai in London. After stumbling across it with my family a good few years ago, I haven’t looked back (only downwards at my plate of food, before quickly consuming everything on it).

Busaba is delicious.

Their menu caters to all; an array of curries, noodle-based dishes, salads, stir fry and a list of sides that boast Thai calamari (my personal favourite), Chicken Satay, Goong Tohd Prawn & Pandan Chicken (pictured below) to name a few.

The atmosphere is always buzzing – mainly because of the awesome square tables that you sit around and the general layout/vibe of the restaurant. I’ve never had a bad experience at Busaba (and considering I must have visited their various spots a good 50 odd times, that’s a great feat!). So naturally, I was very happy to hear that one had arrived in Covent Garden recently…and of course I had to check it out. The Floral Street location is perfect and although it’s a smaller location when compared to the Bird St or Wardour St restaurants, it makes for a nice, intimate dining experience. I love how the dishes always taste a little different depending on where you eat. The spice seemed to have a real KICK there. I ordered the ‘Green Curry Fried Rice’ and it was so zesty & fiery!

If you haven’t been to a Busaba before, you must, must go! There are no excuses as they’re dotted all over London, from Westfield in Shepherd’s Bush to Old St (which is probably my favourite!). And with new restaurants set to open on the King’s Road and at Stratford’s Westfield, there will be even more Busaba in Londontown! Recommended dishes = their ‘Pad Thai’, ‘Green Curry Fried Rice’, ‘Mussaman Duck Curry’ and just about any of their sides. Team your meal with their lovely ‘Jasmine Smoothie’ or the ‘Boylan Cherry Soda’ and you’re good to go.

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