London’s finest Spice Market

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I was of course excited when news broke that a W Hotel was coming to London (it’s about time!) and was even more so, when it actually opened in Leicester Square. However for some reason or another, I didn’t find myself managing to go along and check it out. I kept on strolling by, but always had somewhere to be. So, what better time to go than on my birthday? Last Monday, my family surprised me with a dinner at the W’s wonderful SPICE MARKET and drinks in the hotel lounge and it was beautiful. I’m the kind of guy that loves to go out and eat good food. I also cannot seem to get enough of Southeast Asian cuisine, so this really was the perfect place to wine and dine whilst celebrating another year of my life flying by – why do the years go by more quickly? Time really does fly.

But seriously, the food was divine. We ordered an array of starters ranging from chicken samosas (pictured below) to squid, but the highlight was the black pepper shrimp, coated in a dark, somewhat addictive sauce – which I ended up dipping everything edible in.

For mains, I ordered the duck which was exquisite. It was creamy, but had a real kick. I’m thinking about it now as I type and it’s making me hungry AND I’ve just eaten. Meh. I eat for fun. It’s a hobby. When it came to dessert, our waiter recommended the ‘Thai Jewels and Fruits with Crushed Coconut Ice’ (pictured below), as it was the most different dish. I wanted to go for something unusual, new…so I did and of course, once again, it was absolutely delicious. To top it off, the cocktails at both the bar and restaurant were sublime. Basically, you’ve got to all go and check out the W Hotel. Asap.

W Hotel, Leicester Square

10 Wardour Street
Leicester Square
London, W1D 6QF

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  1. What the heck is a chicken samosas? It looks amazing. Did you like it?

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