Les Miserables the movie

For years, there’s been talk of a LES MISERABLES film (and before you say yes there was one with Liam Neeson, Uma Thurman…back in 1998, no! Not quite like that. A film based on the hit musical that has been on in London for almost 27 years.) Now, news has surfaced that Tom Hooper, the director of last year’s “The King’s Speech”, is on board to helm the project as director. Hugh Jackman has signed on to play the lead role – Jean Valjean – in the film adaptation.

“I do have a desire to do a movie musical. Looks like that’s coming true because I’m gonna do Les Miserables, the movie version of it, next year. I’m excited. That’s something I need to bring my A-game for.”

– Jackman, from a radio interview at the end of June.

Other rumours point at Paul Bettany as a favourite to bring the role of Javert to the big screen. He’s apparently in negotiations to sign on as the Inspector. Filming is expected to start in 2012 and the movie version is set to be produced by Working Title Films with distribution by Universal.

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