Mutant Vinyl

One to watch: MUTANT VINYL

Last weekend I went to The Water Rats Theatre to see MUTANT VINYL and I was blown away. The four piece band, conceived by frontman Edwin Pope, fuse Rock, Funk, Metal, D&B…to make an awesome sound & style. They’ve supported the likes of ‘Scouting For Girls’ and ‘Electric Six’ and played gigs all over the country – sharing their crazy creations with crowds from Liverpool to London. The band are tight, precise and yet extremely relaxed, looking completely at ease on stage in front of the lights. Pope is a man of many talents; when he’s not singing the catchy melodies and strumming away on his guitar, he’s blaring out beautiful riffs on the saxophone (which is one of my favourite instruments).

Sax. Bass. Guitars. Drums.

‘Making noise and being different’.

Check out two of their tracks below…

The best unsigned band I’ve ever seen.

E D W I N / P O P E
M I L E S / S A V V A
M A R C / H A Y N E S
J O S H / H A B E R F I E L D

These guys are going to go far.

Become a fan of theirs HERE

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