Scouts Shouts #2

Today = the second issue of SCOUTS SHOUTS, where I blog about my favourite song of the week, my album of the week, film of the week…you get the idea. Be sure to check back every Thursday to see what’s hot that week.

Album of the week

Without a doubt, this week’s Album of the week = Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way”. Read my review of the album HERE.

Song of the week

Crush of the week

This week, it has to be


(following her incredible Billboard Awards performance).

She’s unreal. Beautiful. Insane. Mega-talented. 

Film of the week

This week I watched LAST NIGHT.

Keira Knightley
Sam Worthington
Eva Mendes
Guillaume Canet

I loved the simplicity of the movie. It was based solely on the characters. The dialogue. Their interactions. Their body language.


Female model of the week

Dree Hemingway

UK Vogue
June 2011

Photographed by Tom Craig
Styled by Bay Garnett

Male model of the week

Rob Evans

is killing it at the moment. He is one of the most sought after male models in the entire industry. His recent credits include starring in CK’s One campaign, editorials in L’Officiel Hommes Paris’ Spring 2011 issue & Love Magazine and the cover of Carbon Copy’s S/S 2011 issue to name a few…The top photo is shot by Joseph Bleu and the rest are from L’Officiel Hommes Paris’ Spring 2011 issue, photographed by Milan Vukmirovic.

Image of the week

Scarlett Johansson

by Tim Walker for W Magazine.


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2 responses to “Scouts Shouts #2

  1. I love this new “Scout Shout” that you have going at the moment, really lets the reader get to know what you’re about and what you like. Do you really think that Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” is that good though? I think it sounds to autotuned and like what we’ve heard before. Her “Fame Monster” was much better and unique. It makes me wonder whether the rumours that “Fame Monster” was stolen of her deceased friend, because “Born This Way” is just not good material in my eyes? Beyoncé is 100% crush of the week, and I back you up there completely. ScaJo looks amazing too!

    • Thank you.

      I loved ‘TFM’ – thought it was really original and I feel ‘BTW’ is a great record, it sounds like a whole…but I’ll let you know if I’m still listening to it in a year. Ha. 🙂

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