Born This Way: Album Review

Lady Gaga

Photography by Nick Knight
Fashion Director: Nicola Formichetti
Styled by Anna Trevelyan and Brandon Maxwell

Dark 90s Pop fused with Techno Rock.

THE FAME gave us Gaga the POPSTAR.
This album gives us Gaga the ROCKSTAR.

The beat to MARRY THE NIGHT is the sister to “Born This Way” and the hook, ‘ma-ma-ma-marry’, is the brother to Poker Face’s “ma-ma-ma-ma’s”. It opens the album with an instant electro/pop, techno vibe and catapults the listener into a world of New York-grit-rock-and-roll-attitude-disco-dance. The best bit of the track is the outro/end. This should have been the main riff to the song, then it would have been banging.


GOVERNMENT HOOKER is very industrial sounding. Mechanic. Machinery. It creates images in my head; zips, chainsaws, mannequins. To me, it’s almost like a feature-length interlude.

JUDAS has a catchy-ass hook, there’s no two ways about it. The skyping synth in the bridge is infectious.

AMERICANO is the cousin to “Alejandro”. It’s a sinister fiesta.


SCHEIßE starts off promisingly, but is one of the few songs on the album to not really progress, whereas the majority of the other tracks grow and take you on a musical journey, it doesn’t do anything for me. Maybe it’s a grower. I don’t even know much about Madonna, (she’s not my cup of tea), but this song makes me think of her, or something she’d sing.

By the second half of the album, I’ve really got into the sound and style of the record.

Getting lost in Gaga’s world.

There’s something hypnotic about BLOODY MARY. There are a lot of Biblical references throughout the record. “Judas” is through the eyes of Mary Magdalene, the next song is called BLACK JESUS † AMEN FASHION and just generally there are a lot of religious symbolism on the album (“Electric Chapel”…). Gaga is a religion. Just like Justin Bieber and his Beliebers, there’s Gaga and her Little Monsters. Her followers. The Haus Of Gaga is the Holy Book and the stage is her Church.

BAD KIDS makes me think of Robyn (who I love).

FASHION OF HIS LOVE is more in line with the sound and vibe of “The Fame”. Its bridge is heavily reminiscent of the bridge in “Born This Way”.

HIGHWAY UNICORN (ROAD TO LOVE) has a synthy riff like “Poker Face” and a melody inspired by “Dance in the Dark”.

I want your whiskey mouth all over my blonde south


Dirty pony I can’t wait to hose you down, 
You’ve got to earn your love around this part of town.

ELECTRIC CHAPEL is more house-inspired and actually sounds just like a Deadmau5 track (“Longest Road” Ft. Lissie).

THE QUEEN. Killer Queen. Homage to Queen? Very 90s.

YOU AND I needs to be a single. This is Gaga’s epic rock/pop (mid-tempo) sentimental ballad. Awesome track.

THE EDGE OF GLORY is euphoric. Tribal. It’s a Techno Jungle with a hook that really hits home both vocally and with the drive of its synth. It also accidentally became the third official single off of the album after charting so well as a buzz track.

It’s been a gradual progression from “The Fame” to “The Fame Monster” and now to this album. This time round however, the music is less rooted in the Pop/R&B style that Gaga first came out with. It’s rockier, harder, dirtier and more empowering. I love the use of guitar on the album and the raspy, more husky tone that Gaga uses on many of the tracks on this album is niiiiice. I also find myself really enjoying the ends of tracks, that seem to transition into rather epic breakdowns or outros of some sort. It’s an extremely cohesive, stylistically slick creation and I wouldn’t expect anything less from the performance artist/mega-monster-musician that is Lady Gaga. BORN THIS WAY is a very strong offering that may not be the best album of the decade (does such a thing exist? It’s all subjective. Matter of opinion), but is certainly an incredible record that further cements Gaga’s reputation as one of the most talented and influential musicians right now.

Standout tracks: Marry The Night, Born This Way, Judas, Fashion Of His Love (mainly for the bridge), Heavy Metal Lover, You And I.


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