Chris Brown

is back with his fourth studio album F.A.M.E. and with contributions from the likes of Benny Benassi, Kevin McCall and Diplo to name a few, I had high hopes.

When the lead single, YEAH 3X dropped, it sounded uncannily similar to Calvin Harris’ song “I’m Not Alone”, but Brown’s second release LOOK AT ME NOW quickly made me forget about that. The  pulsating beat and catchy hook instantly grips you. Throw in a sick flow from Busta Rhymes and a verse from arguably the most in-demand rapper around, Lil Wayne, and BAM = a recipe for success.

Brown’s vocals work best on DEUCES with its summery vibe and the H Money-produced SAY IT WITH ME, where he is clearly in his element singing over a synthy driven R&B/Pop beat. However, I’m not sold on the sample of MJ’s “Human Nature” on SHE AIN’T YOU, simply because anything that attempts to use/recreate the magic of that song will only pale in comparison. In fact, the mid-tempo ballad would probably have worked better without any sort of sample/loop and just an original beat from scratch.

WET THE BED ft Ludacris is simply put, a sex song, whilst SHOULD’VE KISSED YOU sounds like a classic Breezy ballad and it completely works. The duet with Justin Bieber, NEXT TO YOU sounds more like a JB cut, but I’m sure if released it will be a hit because anything Bieber, sells. Surely a Bieber-Brown partnership is top 10 material at least, no? Are my ears playing tricks on me, or at the end of the song, can anybody else hear ‘Oh Na Na’ being sung as part of the backing vocals?…

ALL BACK is the strongest ballad on the album, possibly due to the fact that it sounds very much like a Ryan Tedder creation. This kind of track goes effortlessly with Brown’s range and vocals. I love it, but my favourite jam on the album is the final track, BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE, produced by Benny Benassi.

Such a SUMMER jam.

The album debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200 chart, selling 270,000 copies in its first week. Congrats! Looks like Breezy is sailing on to success and the past is hopefully very much behind him.


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3 responses to “F.A.M.E.

  1. I agree, im not keen on she aint you either. Any recreations of Michael jacksons singles i take no particular interest in but it was a nice gesture for him to inject some michael jackson into his album, being his inspiration. Chris Browns on the up🙂

    • This is a video response to one of my Pop Warner Videos, so I am sure you are aware we coach and have been for years. I get a LOT of junk video ressnopes. But this one I watched EVERY play. I can even tell ya you have the same kickoff on there twice. THIS kid is POUND FOR POUND the best talent I have ever seen. No joke. Where you guys from? Id love to see him play this year. Thanks for sharing! JT

    • Somasundaram

      Number Nine plays hard on both sides of the football, speed is OK, he’s runinng a little high though,has good vision,he looks to be a Coaches dream and opposing Coaches nightmare, i like this kid style of play,he should have been around with wheels that would have been a game to watch!

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