Blue Valentine

Blue top.
Blue paint.
Blue lights in ‘The Future Room’.
Blue suit.

Blue Valentine


beautifully shot.
Wonderfully acted.

An incredible film.

So honest.



I implore you to watch it.

Moments from the film enter my mind at the most random of times.

Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling

were a couple. I believed everything. I guess the fact that Derek Cianfrance (director) made them live together [with the actress, who played their daughter] for a month, paid off. You could just see that they ‘knew’ each other and it allowed them to be completely intimate with one another.

For the record, I am now in love with Cianfrance. His direction is divine. Gosling is easily one of my favourite actors and Williams delivers a stunning performance.

This is more than a film. It’s a journey of two people and we truly experience this, whilst being absorbed into their world and spectating their lives.

Michelle Williams

US Marie Claire
February 2011

Photography by Tesh

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