Anne = Selina

It has been announced today that

Anne Hathaway

will play the role of Selina Kyle in Nolan’s third Batman installment, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. It’s unknown as to whether or not we will actually see Hathaway as Catwoman, or if she will just be in the film as Kyle. I guess only time will tell.


despite the numerous rumours surrounding

Tom Hardy’s

casting in the film, it has now also been confirmed that he will be portraying Bane in TDKR. Forget what you have seen of Bane in “Batman & Robin” because that was bad and I don’t doubt that Nolan will show him in a completely different light. Bane is one of Batman’s strongest and most intelligent enemies. [Expect Nolan to emphasise his intelligence]. I also think that it’s probable that Nolan will highlight how actually in the comics, Catwoman is much more of a street criminal (Gotham’s Robin Hood) – stealing from the city’s riches to give to those in need.

It’s safe to say that I am excited for Summer 2012, to see the outcome.

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