Loud: Review


is a purely pop record.

It is sort of like a pic’n’mix of music.

There’s a bit of Dance, Rock, Pop, R&B and Reggae thrown in. Rihanna summed it up well by saying that this time round,

‘it’s just a fun record’.


Loud is the complete opposite of her last album. It’s not nearly as dark as “Rated R”. I did love the coherence of Rated R though. It had very clear messages, themes and felt whole. So, onto Loud….

The album opens with S&M which is in a similar vein to lead single ONLY GIRL (IN THE WORLD).

It was very clever to get Drake to jump on WHAT’S MY NAME?, especially with the media reports that the two hooked up a while back…His appearance definitely created a buzz around the track, which serves as the album’s second single. As I’ve said before, this song is the sister to Rihanna’s “Rude Boy” and it’s a really catchy, strong song. If there’s a song that showcases the ‘fun’ and ‘colour’ that Ri has been talking about in interviews as of late, then this is it.

CHEERS is a tune. Cleverly sampling “I’m With You” by Avril Lavigne, this song could be a good single choice in the future. It talks about not letting people get you down, forgetting about them and simply having a good time.

Life’s too short to be siting around miserable
People gonna talk whether you’re doing bad or good

I like the epic feel to FADING. It’s got a nice opening and whilst it’s not the best song on “Loud”, it’s got a chilled, more R&B orientated sound to it, which is refreshing to hear. I thought my ears might be bombarded by dance/pop tune after dance/pop tune, but that certainly isn’t the case.

CALIFORNIA KING BED is a beautiful ballad, boasting her best vocal on the album.

MAN DOWN, written by Shontelle, is a cool Caribbean number.

Rum-pa-pa-pum, Rum-pa-pa-pum, Rum-pa-pa-pum.

I can’t stress how well the West Indian vibe works on this.

Nicki Minaj

features on RAINING MEN, which plays on ‘eenymeenyminymoe’. As expected Nicki slays the track. When the synth and siren sound kick in, the tune starts to heat up. Is this next year’s Telephone?


You’re not easy to love
You’re not easy to love
You’re not easy to love

I love SKIN. It’s a little bit more experimental, compared to other tracks on the album (Complicated, S&M). Love the guitar at the end. This song is maybe more in line with her Rated R work. In fact the last two (this and Love The Way You Lie) could sit perfectly on Rated R.

LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE PT II is just as powerful as Pt 1. This time it’s from the female’s perspective. Rihanna and Eminem have already proved that they make a good team and deliver once again, with the assistance of Alex da Kid – who produced the more stripped version of the track.

I’m loving the prominence of her Bajan accent on some of the songs. The album does stand strong. It might seem like a pic’n’mix of songs, as aforementioned, but it works. Whether or not it’s as good as “Good Girl Gone Bad”, I’ve yet to decide, but it’s a progression and Rihanna sounds more confident than ever.

Standout tracks = What’s My Name?, Cheers, California King Bed, Man Down, Raining Men, Skin, Love The Way You Lie Pt II.

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