Glee-a Michele

Lea Michele

UK Marie Claire
November 2010

Photographed by Yu Tsai

‘I was told by agents and casting directors I wasn’t right for TV,’ the self confessed Gleek says of her early days in the industry. ‘I didn’t feel that but I was told it and you believe it. I was always working on Broadway and auditioning for TV – things like Law & Order – but there was never anything’

Above: Lea is rocking a Dolce & Gabbana bodysuit and Charlotte Olympia heels.

Above: Lea looking FLY in Eres hotpants, Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci boots, and a Dancia tutu. Beautiful shot.

‘I don’t smoke and I don’t do drugs,’ she says. ‘This show would be a huge pressure on someone who wanted to rebel and who wants to party, but I don’t have those needs or wants.’

‘These days I have one glass of wine and I’m completely gone,’ she says, sizzling in a Marchesa jacket and eye watering Givenchy heels. ‘I’ve never been a “Lets go out and have a cosmopolitan” kind of girl. I don’t even think I’ve ever tasted a cosmopolitan before.’

‘Glee has made me feel beautiful. Now when people say that I don’t feel like they’re lying…The minute I read it, I wanted to play Rachel because I felt like I understood her, and that she was part of me.’

She’s really pretty.

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