is a solid offering from the lead singer of The Killers, Brandon Flowers. From the funky basslines on “Crossfire” and “Was It Something I Said?” to the beautiful melodies showcased on “Only The Young” and “Playing With Fire”, this album is a splendid solo effort. “Only The Young” is one of my favourite tracks. The mixture of harmonies, reverb and guitar chords = a recipe for success. The hook ‘break away’ is wonderful and effortlessly allows Flower’s vocals to melt with the music. Country tinges
simmer throughout “The Clock Was Tickin’” & “I Came Here To Get Over You” whilst other songs sound uncannily familiar such as “Jacksonville“. I hear influences in the music, which range from Animal Collective to the Elton John-esque vocals throughout “On The Floor”.”Swallow It” displays Flowers ability to combine the spirit of Broadway, speak-sing vocals, Americanisms & hearty harmonies that were enjoyed pleasantly by my ears and he sings with a female vocalist on “Hard Enough” allowing it to pop.

Jilted Lovers And Broken Hearts” had me from the start. It’s one of the more rock-influenced tracks on the album and despite the song title reminding me of a John Mayer track, it’s actually very different to what its title implies. The bridge (onwards) is the best bit.

It must be said however, that Flowers really hits his stride with “Playing With Fire“. From the mellowed-out intro and instantly distinct guitar line to the atmosphere created by the song and even the lyrical content, this is definitely a stand-out track and easily my favourite.

“We’ve seen the outcome of the boys who didn’t fly”

What a great lyric.

This song demonstrates a maturity to Flowers as an artist. The fact that it inspires me to want to go into the studio with a sick guitarist and lay down something stripped is the biggest compliment I can give a song. I actually love it. Check it out below…

“Rolling river of truth, can you spare me a sip? The holy fountain of you has been reduced to a drip”

The build is something of beauty.

His debut solo single, “Crossfire“, sits happily on the album and sounds somewhat like a starry night’s sky. I don’t quite know how else to describe it. I have definitely bumped it much more due to its contagious bass. It’s SICK.

There’s an epic and very accomplished feel to this album – which may be simply down to the fact that Flowers is very confident in the performer that he is, most probably due to his experience and exposure with The Killers.

It oozes confidence and comfort musically, stylistically and lyrically.

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