“I just don’t see the point in waiting”


This film was surprisingly good.

Robert Pattinson = Tyler Hawkins

Ruby Jerins as Caroline Hawkins (Tyler’s younger sister) was superb.
So on point.

Emilie de Ravin = Ally Craig

Ally Craig: I have my dessert first.
Tyler: Is that a political statement? A medical condition, perhaps?
Ally Craig: I just don’t see the point in waiting. I mean, what if I die while eating my entree?
Tyler: Is that probable?
Ally Craig: It’s possible. What if I choke? What if an asteroid came hurling down onto the restaurant?… I’ll tell you what, if you swear on your eternal soul that I’ll make it through my entree, then I’ll wait. But before you answer, consider that if something does happen, you’ll have to live the rest of your life knowing that not only did you lie to me, but you denied me of my one last indulgence. Are you prepared to shoulder that kind of responsibility?

It entertained me and that’s what I wanted from the film.
To be entertained for 90+ minutes.

There were a lot of sad moments.
Unexpected plot paths.

Pierce Brosnan gave a strong performance. I loved when his emotions were heightened. He really delivers in this. It was a well-made movie from certain camera shots, to the score and the relationship/on-screen chemistry between Pattinson and de Ravin. I’m not going to lecture you on why you should or shouldn’t see this film, but it was definitely more truthful than I had anticipated. And actually much better than I had anticipated.

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    I like remember me

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