Call Me Your Man

One to watch: JUMP BACK JAKE

Jump Back Jake

are a Memphis based indie rock & roll band consisting of Jake Rabinbach (the lead guitarist of Francis and the Lights and leader of JBJ), Jake Vest, Greg Faison and Brandon Robertson.

Their EP, entitled “Call Me Your Man”, is set to drop on September 14th on Ardent Music.

The EP consists of five tracks all of which are short and sweet. Sometimes the simplicity of a song is what makes it so strong..and I find myself enjoying how Jump Back Jake‘s tracks sound almost familiar to me and they are so easy on the ears. In my opinion, rock & roll music is always amazing and this band’s art is no different.

Call Me Your Man opens with a bright energy and resonates the 1960s. It is so filmic and I would snap it up in a heartbeat if I was creating a movie or even a short anytime soon. With the first track exciting me, I’m looking forward to checking out the EP in its entirety.

If I Ever Go Back changes the mood instantly with its guitar intro. This song would sound awesome live. The song is like the love-child of Elvis Presley and The Kinks…This track is very rock & roll.

Sometimes I feel like the Lord’s calling me on the phone


Rock on baby you can do whatever you please

The intro of “Tara” is instantly enticing and could be a hit for JBJ with it’s radio-friendly riff and catchy country-esque  feel.

I can love you, if you only let me, Tara

I love the vocals on “Rose Colored Coffin” and the chord progression = mmmhmm. The longest track on the EP showcases a great guitar break, allowing you to appreciate the talent of both Rabinbach and Vest.

Weeping and pining for yooooooou

The Call Me Your Man Reprise is beautiful. It sounds like the kind of music that needs to be featured in “One Tree Hill”, underscoring an emotional scene. The reprise definitely boasts a more indie essence when compared with the rock & roll flavours prevalent throughout the rest of the band’s EP.


JBJ’s “Call Me Your Man” is like a really good slice of chocolate cake. It’s sweet and leaves you wanting more. Keep your eyes (and ears) peeled for this band in the future. You can check out more about the band on their official site HERE.

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