Office Space

Directed by Mike Judge

Ron Livingston
Jennifer Aniston
David Herman
Ajay Naidu
Diedrich Bader
Gary Cole
Stephen Root
John C. McGinley

Although when it was released in 1999 the film did not do too well, it is now deemed a cult classic. It is an awesome film, from the comedic timing to the actual premise itself. So many people can relate to working in an office. So many people can relate to being in a job or environment that doesn’t thrill them, or excite them, but they have to do it in order to make ends meet. I think that’s partly why this film works on so many levels. It is relatable. It takes a subject matter that can be applied to a large demographic of people and then plays on it. Thus creating a hilarious, but potentially very truthful story. Sure things are heightened (it’s a film)…but it’s really well done. The film displays one of Livingston’s best performances along with a cast that all deliver, ranging from the likes of Jennifer Aniston to Scrubs’ John C. McGinley. Gary Cole really grinds on you as Lumbergh. EURGH.

The film follows a group of software engineers, who work at Initech, a company ‘plagued by excessive management’. It confronts the typical challenges and everyday life that one faces, whilst working in a ‘cube farm’. I personally love the music used in the film. There’s so much old hip hop in it.

Check out a clip below with my favourite character in the film, Milton…played by Stephen Root.


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