Francis and the lights


I haven’t enjoyed a band’s music as much as I am loving the work of “Francis and the Lights“, for a while. Their songs are divine.

It’ll Be Better
In a Limousine
For Days
Knees to the Floor
Darling, It’s Alright
Going Out
Tap The Phone
Get in the Car

The band have worked with the likes of Drake (on “Karaoke” off of his debut album) and opened for pop band MGMT. “Get In The Car“, my favourite track, showcases distinct vocals that triumph over John Mayer’s, beautiful keys and a great lyrical line that gets stuck in your head. I need to choreograph something to this. It’s wonderful. I can always say if a song is amazing if it creates a story/images/ideas in my head…


“Darling, It’s Alright” strangely reminds me of Gnarls Barkley and I’m not quite sure why. It’s also got a similar energy to that of “Get In The Car” which I love.

It’s alright.
BUT it’s alright, if you want to break down and cry.


This video, directed by Jake Schreier, is insane. I think its simplicity is quite incredible and 1.54 onwards = genius. These guys are like WOW.

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  1. Love this. I’ve got a couple of these guys early E.P.s and they’re quality. Nice site. Check out ours some time. Might find some tunes you like!

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