V is for…


As Christina Aguilera sings…

Every day I see myself I love me even more (it’s me I adore)
Ain’t nobody got s**t on me, I’m the best for sure
V is for vanity, every time I look at me
I turn myself on, yeah
I turn myself on, yeah
V is for vanity, thank you mom and daddy cause
I turn myself on, yeah
I turn myself on (get into it)

Mirror mirror on the wall
Who’s the sexiest of them all
Never mind, I am
I am (oh she’s so hot and sexy)
(Ha!) Yeah I am, that’s right
No-no-no wonder she’s cocky

V is for…

V Magazine


and as Gaga states, it’s also for…


The fangs in this photo are reminding me of another V…


There’s been a major vampire obsession over the past few years. I think I’m going to have to blame it on this “Twilight” franchise that has captured the hearts (and minds) of young teens all over the world. Or maybe I should say tweens (although it’s actually a blend of ‘between’ and ‘teen’…the tw = could be derived from twilight…) Okay ramble over.

Anywho…there’s also “True Blood”, the HBO-hit show, the CW’s “The Vampire Diaries”, and of course “Buffy” was the original vampire show…so yeah you get my gist. V is definitely for Vampires too.




and for…the Volcanic ash that caused a lot of chaos & commotion earlier this year.

Vampire Weekend
Vanessa Williams
Vanessa Marquez

V for Vendetta


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