This time of year = HELLO SHOPPING. Hello SALES.

Shops are trying to get rid of all their old ish and hence cue the 30%, 50% and sometimes even 70% signs plastered all over shop windows…I always find they sneakily lay out the NEW COLLECTION next to the sale items, in a weak attempt to entice you into wanting to buy something from it, but it always ceases to draw me in.

I don’t think I’ve shopped in TOPMAN for ages, I went through a phase where I refused to wear its stuff because I felt like anytime I bought a top from there, I would walk out of the OXFORD ST shop and see it on every other guy, but I’ve gradually learnt to realise that if you hunt pretty much anywhere, you’re bound to find something decent – and I browsed the TOPMAN site for the first time the other and spotted a few looks I would happily rock….

I’ve even scout’d some garms I’d be willing to shell out some coins for over at the always over-priced URBAN OUTFITTERS.

PS. Whilst browsing the net, I found this on the ZARA site = BOOF. Balmain/MJ style but affordable – haha….

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