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So yesterday I finally saw the film “NINE”, the newest musical directed and produced by Rob Marshall. With a cast consisting of Academy Award winners Daniel Day-Lewis, Judi Dench, Nicole Kidman, Marion Cotillard, Penélope Cruz, Sophia Loren, Golden Globe winner Kate Hudson and Grammy Award winner Fergie, I was certain that it would be a really good film…well directed, well acted and well done.

I was pleasantly surprised by just how GOOD all of the cast were at delivering the musical numbers. From the choreography to the costumes and set, all of the songs were presented in very powerful ways; including a grand, extravagant cabaret-esque number for Judi Dench’s “Folies Bergere” and a more ‘retro-feel’ number with elements of 1960s pop for “Cinema Italiano”, performed by Kate Hudson as Stephanie. One of the most poignant songs however is also one of the simplest = Marion Cotillard’s “My Husband Makes Movies”. After seeing Cotillard in this film, it’s clear to see why she has received a Golden Globe Nomination and that also goes for Penélope Cruz’s Nomination for Best Supporting Actress in a Musical/Comedy for her portrayal as Carla, Guido Contini’s mistress.

I think Ms Cruz = the epitomy of sexy in this.

Even women were drooling over her in the cinema. No joke. Marshall served up good shots and good direction. On the whole the musical numbers came in at the right times, particularly Daniel Day-Lewis’ first number, which saw reality side by side with “Guido’s Song”, but at times I felt like I was watching two films running parallel to one another. If I’m honest, I also think that the film started off with a lot of momentum and was establishing the foundations of a narrative, but somewhere along the lines, it became more about the songs and less about the telling of a story. Unlike Marshall’s “Chicago” which has a very strong story for the audience to consume, I was left attempting to piece together something that wasn’t really there in “Nine”. However, that’s not to say that I did not really like the film, as it was refreshing to see such a strong cast altogether on one project. I would definitely recommend this film to all you musical lovers and to anyone really who wants to enjoy a film with great actors, catchy songs and/or those of you who wish to see a solid, modern re-make of Fellini’s autobiographical film “8 1/2”.

I’m going to leave you all with a clip showing how one of my favourite moments in the film was made…


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