J is for…


I love skank-a-danking to this CHOON.


Jamiroquai. Yes. My ker-a-zee, inspiring friend ZAZ always makes me want to listen to them.

DO DO DO DOOOOOOOOOOOO….”Too Young To Die” Live in London ’95. Love this performance

J is also for…

❤ Janet. That is how you dance.

John Mayer. BAM-dam-DOO.

Alls I can say is “Heartbreak Warfare”. Check this ISH out.

I❤ Mayer.

Continuum = one of my favourite records.

Let’s hope “Battle Studies” out on Nov 17th is just as good.

H’okay I’m throwing a lot of videos at ya, but it’s so essential and J is just too good a letter – so much talent.

This is a TUNE. Love his tone, love this song. If you have never checked for Mr Justin Nozuka. Do so NOW>

“Stay low in MEXICO”

I swear the list is endless, Jazmine Sullivan, John Legend, JIMI HENDRIX (don’t you worry, he needs his own post! Soon!), JC Chasez, James Brown, Jason Mraz,

Jan A.P. Kaczmarek….


JANELLE took to the stage last night at Siren Studios, Hollywood CA.


That’s all for now. I could go on and on. J…is for JUST ENJOY.

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